born in Jihlava, CZ

lives and works between London, UK and Jihlava, CZ

In Lumir Schulz work abstraction is a multifold concept: it includes graphic elements
and appropriated images (abstracted from their original form and context); the
disappearance of the author behind a multiplicity of layers and references and finally
the immateriality of artistic labour, which comes from the choice of his media of production.
His practise is constantly challenging what can be defined as the “accepted categories”
in art.
He calls his printed works on canvas “conceptual paintings”.
A traditional medium – primed cotton canvas is run through a large format inkjet printer,
with misuse of common digital technologies such as a laptop and various image processing
softwares, colour dropping or superimposing images.
But he doesn’t want to get too attached to the complexity and technical aspects; the main
purpose of his oeuvre is to bring out grand emotions by any means necessary.