Lumir Schulz was born in 1977 in Czechia.

He takes his dad’s camera, an amateur photographer, loads it with B&W film and starts taking first pictures without any formal training in the mid-nineties.

1999; shows his B&W prints to an editor of Czech daily broadsheet and starts to work as a photo-journalist for their local branch.

2006; moves to London and as a business director begins pursuing various commercial interests in photography and marketing.

Inspired by August Sander he starts taking portraits with a long lens; going around London on a bike over the summer 2015.

2016; reads Michael Fried’s books “Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before” and “Absorption and Theatricality”.

Late 2017; takes first photographs with the only intention to hang them on the wall one day.

He continues to self-educate and regularly visits all major galleries, museums in London between 2017-2020.

2019; has his first exhibition in Galerie Puda and subsequently the second exhibition in Gilbert Galerie in Czechia early 2020.

He makes his first cameraless pictures 2019-20.