“You know exactly what I think of photography. I would like to see it make people despise painting until something else will make photography unbearable.”

Marcel Duchamp


Surprisingly there’s always something constructive that comes out of erasure and destruction, it’s the process of building up.


Using generic graphic vectors like blotches or brush strokes that are further corrupted by being mistreated with a number of digital processes…


Despite their abstract nature my pictures have a base in reality. I want them to be contemporary and reflective but at the same time classical and nostalgic. I don’t know if that’s achievable but I will always try.


There’s a flatness of its matte surface, no texture, no shine or vibrancy of oil paint.

Lack of artistic labor and gesture are not just “technical” aspects, it goes down to the very meaning of the work and how it shapes itself. Or in the other words; no hands technical image goes to the core of my work. 


It follows the path of abstract paintings, includes graphic elements, appropriated and digitally reconfigured images, abstracted from their original form and context.


I’m committed to further corroding, dissecting and more generally degrading the very processes of image and print making.



About combining analog (manual) and digital workflows.

One thing is clearly technical aspect; it’s about applying acrylic or other paint on primed ink coated canvas, these two just don’t go easily together 

Secondly it’s about different skill sets and about no hands touch – it’s like a mental block, like an evolution. People probably won’t switch back from self driving cars to manual ones in the future, they‘ll be playing with their phones and hands in their pockets while driving on the motorway and won’t even realize all the fun they are missing out on.

Elrod combines the techniques of both worlds, unfortunately I only saw few of his pieces so I don’t want to judge but I wasn’t convinced, perhaps it was combination of flat digital print with textured acrylic paint, the combination just didn’t work for me on my first encounter but I may be wrong here..